或许这个不是很多人知道,谷歌在很早之前就有一个从主机端来控制noarchive, noindex,nofollow的标签X-Robots-Tag,这个标签的主要目的就是控制那些无法在页面Header里享用noindex等标签的内容,比如说PDF,DOC,JPG文件。因为很有可能有些网站不希望这些文件被谷歌收录,但又没有办法写在header里面,所以X-Robots-Tag就可以从主机端直接告诉谷歌蜘蛛哪些不要收录。 Example of X-Robots-Tag NoArchive Directive <Files ~ "\.html$"> Header append X-Robots-Tag "noarchive" </Files> Example of X-Robots-Tag

PageRank Sculpting

PageRank Sculpting是一种对内页Link Juice操控的SEO技巧,通过对Page Rank流向的操控,来得到最大SEO效果。 Page Rank Sculpting一直是专家级别的SEOer们所采用的站内SEO手法。但是,Matt Cutt在SMX会议上说了这么一段话 “ So today at SMX Advanced, sculpting was being discussed, and then Matt Cutts dropped a bomb shell that it no longer works to help flow more PageRank to the unblocked pages. Again — and being really simplistic here — if you have $10 in authority to spend on those ten links, and you block 5 of them, the other 5 aren’t going to get $2 each. T